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Crafty Jenny Projects

Welcome to the Crafty Jenny Projects page, where you can access all of our free tutorials for fun and creative craft projects. Each tutorial contains step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions. Check back regularly for freshly added ideas. Enjoy :-)
Pressed flowers How to press flowers
A great way to preserve the flowers that you love is to press them. In order to make our flower earrings, we experimented with two methods: using the quick and fast microwave or the more traditional method of book pressing.
Stencil platter How to make a stencil platter
For this platter we wanted a delicate look, so what could be more charming than a faux-lace finish? It was very easy to create this pretty platter and also shows that simple can be beautiful!
Room divider / screen How to make a decorative room divider Version2
Here's our second tutorial on how to make a room divider/screen. We are using fantastic patterns and images found on wallpapers to decorate this one and using a different hinging method than in our previous tutorial.
Decorated mirror How to decorate a mirror using a placemat and spray paint
Here is a very quick, fun way to decorate a mirror using the elaborate designs on placemats or tablecloths as stencils. Here's how…
Breakfast tray How to make a decorative breakfast tray
There's nothing quite like breakfast in bed... and what a treat to have it served on this pretty tray! So simple and fun to make, this decorative floral breakfast tray is also a great project to get the kids involved with.
How to make an impressive and colorful mirror frame out of old magazine pages.
How to make a mirror frame out of old magazines
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