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Faux mounted butterflies

Print Studio Inspired Photo Holder

How to make an art studio themed photo holder.

Step 1: Treat a wooden frame to the look of a well used art print drying rack. I had a large corkboard that had yet to be used after several years, so I decided to pull out the corkboard and put its wooden frame to good use. It was brand new timber so I needed to make it look the part. All you need is black ink, water and a cloth. Apply ink unevenly to the frame, immediately wiping off excess and spreading ink with a very wet cloth. Use lots of water so the ink seeps in and spreads. I had no printing or drawing ink at this moment, so I broke apart a black marker and used the ink rod from inside. Dipping the rod in a bowl of water allowed the ink to come out easily, so I rubbed this directly onto the timber and wiped with a cloth. Adding some paint marks and splatters can give a great effect too.

Step 2: Apply the same treatment as above to a set of wooden pegs.

Step 3: Using brown twine, tightly tie on to the frame as many rows of photo hanging you want. Knot and pull the string tightly, so it keeps in place when you hang photos from it.

Print studio inspired photo holder

Step 4: Hang up on a wall and hang your photos using the pegs. In my frame I have temporarily used magazine cut outs just for an example. However I am either going to print out black and white photos of my son, and dedicate this frame to just photos of him, print out all of my most inspiring art photography (in shades of green, pinks, blues and peach) or hang up my pencil illustrations. Either way, I think sticking to a theme will give the best overall print studio look!

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