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Toys in Frames

Vintage Toys in Up-Cycled Frames

Here's a crafty decor idea for kids rooms. Display sets of pre-loved, collected, vintage or antique toys in up cycled frames. This is such a fun project to make and the cluster of frames, use of bright colors and unique toys used are a sure recipe for visual delight.

What you will need:
Collection of interesting toys (we found all of ours on a trip to the markets)
Second hand frames, various sizes (also found on our market trip)
Spray paint
Heavy white card
Craft knife, steel ruler and cutting board
Thick backing card (we used old cardboard from boxes and the card from backs of pads)
Masking tape
Superglue (we used fast drying, clear, flexible superglue)
Foam mounting tape or picture hanging nails

Compile a random selection of various sized old picture frames and prepare them to paint.

Kids wall decor toys in frames

Take out all their old backings, images and glass (use a craft knife to cut out the back if it's completely sealed in). Use pliers to pull out any old frame nails. Wipe the frames clean and sand back if you think necessary. Spray paint each frame with a bright color or complimentary color combination. Follow spray paint instructions written on the cans.

Kids wall decor toys in frames

When your frames are dry, cut out a piece of white card to be placed inside each frame. This will be the backing of which the toys will be mounted to. To get the exact size, trace around the frames old image, backing card or piece of glass. At the same time for each frame you will need to cut out a piece of backing card to secure and protect your white card (if of course your old frame doesn't have one or is in need of replacing).

Turn your frame upside down, place the white card in front side down, and then place the backing card on top. Secure the card in place by using a masking tape or tapes used for framing.

Kids wall decor toys in frames

Kids wall decor toys in frames

Once all the frames have card secured inside, turn them right side up and lay them out on a bed to work out your positioning of the frames and the allocation of the toys.

Kids wall decor toys in frames

Using a good super glue attach you toy onto the middle of the white card. Place frames into position on the wall using foam mounting tape (or hang using nails or hooks if it's too heavy).

Kids wall decor toys in frames

And there you have it... a visual feast for your child's eyes!

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