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tree silhouette project

Make your own wall decal

How to turn a sheet of plastic into a cute wall deco with our free tree silhouette and family of owls design.

What you need:
A large sheet of thin black plastic. Ours was 1050 x 750 x 0.5 mm. (Note: If you want more leaves than we have made, get two sheets.)
Craft knife and scissors (rounded nail scissors for precision areas)
Sticking tape
Design plans (download the free PDF plans to our tree and owls here)
Spray glue
Foam mounting tape
Printer and paper

Download the plans from the link above and print out on A4 paper.

The design of the tree has been divided into seven different pieces in order to fit within the plastic sheet. The tree trunk base, trunk top, branch base, branch tip, additional small branch tip, leaf and the family of owls. Some of these pieces which are larger than an A4 piece of paper have been broken up further in the plan and need to be joined together once printed. Cut out each plan, and in such cases, join together plan pieces by overlapping the paper and lining up corresponding points. Point A over A and B over B etc. Holding your paper up to a window will help make the paper more transparent in order to line up correctly. Secure in place with sticky tape on both sides of the overlap.

Make your own tree decal

Temporarily stick your plans to the plastic by using some sticky tape and rolling into a cylinder to create a double sided tape. Cut around the plan. Each branch piece needs to be cut seven times. Reuse the same plan, each time placing it but up against the previous cut to save as much plastic as possible. Cut out as many leaves and as many additional small branch tips as you like. The owls are more intricate so here I used spray glue to attach the plans to the plastic so it would not budge while cutting. Depending on the spray glue you use, you could peel the plan off after you have cut it out, or place the plastic reverse side on the wall. I used both a craft knife and small curved finger nail scissors to cut the owl shapes.

Using foam mounting tape adhere each piece to your wall, starting with the trunk then branches, then branch tips, then owls then leaves. If you didn't want a silhouette effect you could always use brown and green plastic. This would look nice and bright in a kid's room.

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