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Tea cup bird feeders

Tea cup bird feeders

What you need:
1. Antique tea cups and saucers (3 of each)
2. Diamond drill bit and electril drill
3. 3 x 6mm threaded steel rods
4. 3 x 6mm Wing nuts and 3 x 6mm standard nuts

Get together some old tea cups and saucers. We purchased a bright colored mixed set of 3 from our local thrift shop for 50 cents each piece. Sets displayed in odd numbers always look nicer.

Drill holes through the centre of each cup and saucer the size of your steel rod. To drill the holes, place your cup or saucer securely in a vice, wrapped in a tea towel for extra protection. We used a small diamond drill bit to get through the ceramic. It is a very tought material, and it was a slow procedure (about 10 minutes per hole). Go slow and rince the drill bit with water after every 5 seconds to keep the drill bit cool. There may be other drill bits more suited for this material.

tea cup bird feeders

Once drilled, thread a wing nut upside down onto a rod, thread the saucer on top, then the tea cup and then the bolt on top. Tighten the wing nut and bolt so all is secure.

tea cup bird feeders

You can now place your tea cup bird feeders in your garden and fill them with bird seeds:)

tea cup bird feeders

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