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Pressed flower earrings

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How to make earrings from pressed flowers

Cut out laminated pressed flower

Punch hole for earring hook

Finished pressed flower earrings

Step 3. Cut out your earrings
Before you begin cutting out your flowers, please remember that you must also be sure to cut an extra shape which will accommodate the earring hook. This shape must be big enough so that you can punch a small hole where the earring hook will be fed through. (Refer to our photograph on the left.) Cut out the flowers on a cutting board using a sharp craft knife. Cut close to the natural edges of the flower, taking care not to cut into the flower itself and loose the seal.

Step 4. Adding the earring hook
Use a hammer and a small punch to create the hole for the hook. Feed the hook though and there you have it!

Note: some flowers' colors might fade after a month or two when exposed to sunlight. However, when original earrings are this special and easy to make, even having them for a short time is worth it!

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