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Mixing cupcake frosting

Mixing cupcake frosting

Coloring cupcake frosting

Piping bag for cupcake frosting

Making the icing (frosting):

Into a bowl sift 4 cups of icing sugar then add butter and enough water for a firm but spreadable consistency. Then divide the icing mixture into four, and place each 1/4 into a separate bowl.

Color the first lot of icing with a drop of food coloring and work the color into the icing until you are happy with the result. You may want to add extra to achieve the color you want.

Repeat with the other three lots of icing, coloring them all different colors.

Note you can mix colors together to make another color, e.g. red and blue make purple. You may want to keep one lot of icing white.

We used a piping bag to help create designs, then decorated them with sprinkles and sweets.

Check out the photo of our cupcakes below for some decoration ideas!

Cupcake Decoration Ideas

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