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Spanish tapa - Pan con tomate

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Spanish tapa - Pan con tomate

Slice bread and tomatoes

Rub tomatoes on bread

Dribble oil over bread

Spanish tapa - Pan con tomate

Step 1:
Cut the French loaf into nice edible sizes.

Step 2:
Slice a tomato in half. The best tomatoes to use for pan con tomate are ones that are as soft and ripe as possible.

Step 3:
Take one of the tomato halves and pressing firmly, rub all over one side of a piece of bread. You want to completely cover the bread in the juices from the tomato, so press firmly and squeeze a little. One half a tomato usually does two pieces of bread.

Step 4:
Drizzle olive oil over top of the bread and its ready to serve… easy at that!

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